Warwick hub team
The Director of the Warwick Hub of the RDS WM is Professor Nigel Stallard, and the Hub Administrator is Stephanie Smart.


Prof Nigel Stallard

Professor Stallard's primary research interests are in the statistical design and analysis of clinical trials. In particular, he has worked on optimal trial design and on methodology for clinical trials with interim analyses and adaptations such as treatment selection.  His most recent work involves the use of short-term endpoint data for decision-making during the course of a clinical trial.

Nigel Stallard is Professor of Medical Statistics, Head of the Statistics and Epidemiology Group and Deputy Head of the Division of Health Sciences at Warwick Medical School.  After graduating in Mathematics from Cambridge University, he was a member of the Mathematical Modelling and Statistics Section at the Royal Air Force Institute of Aviation Medicine in Farnborough.  He was a founding member in 1994 of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics Research Unit at the University of Reading where he remained until joining Warwick Medical School in September 2005.

The Warwick Advisory Team

Experienced researchers act as advisers in the Warwick Hub. They are able to discuss your enquiry and provide initial advice to support your research proposal.

Prof Aileen Clarke Systematic reviewing
Dr Alastair Canaway  Health economics
Prof Frances Griffiths Qualitative research methods, mixed methods, PPI
Mr Thomas Hamborg Medical statistics
Dr Agnieszka Ignatowicz Qualitative research methods, patient and public involvement
Dr Angela Noufaily Statistics
Dr Raquel Nunes Epidemiology, survey research methods, case studies and mixed methods
Dr Nick Parsons Statistical design and analysis of clinical trials
Dr Shilpa Patel Health Psychology
Prof Stavros Petrou Economic evaluation, utility measurement
Dr Karen Rees Evidence synthesis, epidemiology