when should I contact RDS WM?
The Service is designed to help researchers at all stages of preparing grant applications:
1. Ensuring that the research topic is within the scope of the funding programme

2. Providing advice on the quality, practicality and feasibility of research questions and methods

3. Advising of the common pitfalls encountered in funding applications

4. Identifying enhancements to the proposal to improve chances of success

5. Dealing with feedback and failure from previous funding competitions

Although you can contact us at any stage of your proposal, early contact is preferable.  6 to 8 weeks before the submission deadline will normally give us enough time to give you our full support, 4 weeks before the deadline is normally the least amount of time that we'll need to help you.

Once you have used the services of RDS WM you are free to come back to us to request support as many times as you wish - so why not get in touch with us now?!
Please complete our Support Request Form and we will get back to you.