public involvement fund
It's considered good practice to involve members of the public as early as possible in the research design process.  Funding public involvement at the grant application stage can be challenging.  The RDS 'Public Involvement Funds' aim to bridge that gap.  Funds are available to help facilitate public involvement in the development of research ideas and research grant applications.

If you wish to apply to the Public Involvement Fund, you must be intending to submit a research proposal to a peer reviewed research funding body.  Also, to qualify for an RDS WM fund, you must be intending to conduct the research within the West Midlands region.

Features of the Public Involvement Fund:
  • Simple application form
  • Up to £500 per project
  • Swift decision
Please contact Drs A Ignatowicz and S Blackburn for further details of  how to apply to the Public Involvement Fund.
This fund will operate for the current financial year while funds last, then the scheme will be reviewed. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Dr Steven Blackburn directly at Keele University (Email:  Tel: 01782 734846).