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patient and public involvement resources

general information

Website of PILAR (Public Involvement and Lay Accountability in Research and innovation).


Website of the national advisory group to support and promote active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research.


INVOLVE: What is public involvement in research?

This provides INVOLVE's latest guidelines of what is and what is not public involvement in research, as well as examples of the different ways the public can be involved.


Benefits advice service for involvement

Information about a new service offering personal advice and support on how payment of fees and expenses for public involvement might affect people in receipt of state benefits. 


public and patient involvement in practice


INVOLVE: Briefing notes for researchers

This online resource holds useful briefing notes for researchers on how best to involve members of the public in research.


RDS Patient and public involvement in research: a handbook for researchers

The RDS PPI handbook has been created for researchers as a guide to help in the planning, managing and implementation of PPI activities.


INVOLVE: Involvement cost calculator

Information and practical advice about the costs of public involvement in research, with a tool to help researchers plan a budget for public involvement.


How to write a plain English summary

Guidance and recommendations for how to write high quality and effective plain English summaries for grant applications and materials for a public audience.  Developed by INVOLVE.


NIHR: Making it clear campaign

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is committed to making sure that each research study if funds has a clear and concise plain English summary.  Guidance has been developed for researchers and for board and panel members.


evidence, impact and reporting


INVOLVE: Exploring public involvement in research funding applications

Examples illustrating how researchers are involving members of the public in their NIHR funding applications and to explore the views of the researchers on the impact public involvement had on the development of their research funding application.


Making the difference: actively involving patients, carers and the public

Examples from the NIHR Clinical Research Network of how the involvement of patients, carers and the public is making the difference in research.


InvoNet: Evidence database of public involvement in research

INVOLVE's evidence database of references and abstracts of reports and articles that cover:

  • the impact of public involvement on research

  • the nature and extent of public involvement in research, for example mapping public involvement

  • reflections on public involvement in research.

Public involvement impact assessment framework (PiiAF)

PiiAF has been produced to help researchers assess the impacts of involving members of the public in their research.  Developed by Jennie Poppay and colleagues.


The GRIPP checklist: strengthening the quality of patient and public involvement reporting in research

The GRIPP checklist represents the first international attempt to enhance the quality of PPI reporting.  Developed by Sophie Staniszewska and colleagues at the Universities of Warwick and Sheffield.  Work is underway to develop the GRIPP2 - a consensus informed checklist for reporting patient and public involvement.