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BBSRC Pre-Announcement: Global coronavirus research and innovation network

  Monday, 04 Jan 2021 | Funding Deadline

Details: Proposals should seek to coordinate research in the following areas:

  • pathogen biology (including the seasonality, transmission, ecology and evolution of coronaviruses)
  • host response
  • effective intervention strategies.

This research should support an integrated ‘one health’ approach to tackling existing and emerging coronaviruses, utilising comparative biology between animal and human coronaviruses, and encouraging data use, sharing and accessibility across public and veterinary healthcare.

The funded network will draw together the major global research and industry players working on veterinary and human coronaviruses to compare, contrast and advance the understanding of coronaviruses.

The main aims of the network should be to embrace a one health approach to understanding coronaviruses, to facilitate research collaborations, and serve as a communication gateway for the global coronaviruses research community.


Deadline for proposals: 4th January 2021

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