Research Design Service: West Midlands

Birmingham Hub Team

The Lead of the Birmingham Hub of the RDS WM is Dr Jonathan Mathers and the Hub Administrator is Karen Biddle.

Dr Jonathan Mathers

Jonathan is a Senior Lecturer in Qualitative and Mixed Methods Applied Health Research. He has broad based expertise in the application of qualitative and mixed methods research approaches in a range of applied health and policy contexts, and has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles. 
He is currently the qualitative research lead for several UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded clinical trials and trial feasibility studies.  This research includes qualitative work with patients, parents of paediatric patients and a range of clinical staff involved in the delivery of clinical care and related trials.

Jonathan has published in a number of policy-related areas including research focusing on the expansion of undergraduate medical education, widening access to medicine policy, the impact of and public involvement in regeneration policy, and healthcare professionals’ reactions to health policy interventions.

The Birmingham Advisory Team

Experienced researchers act as advisers in the Birmingham Hub. They are able to discuss your enquiry and provide initial advice to support your research proposal.

Dr Steven Blackburn

Patient and public involvement

Prof Melanie Calvert

Patient reported outcomes and Director of Centre for Patient Reported Outcomes Research (CPROR)

Prof Jon Deeks

Biostatistics, evidence synthesis and test evaluation and Deputy Director of Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU)

Miss Christina Easter

Medical Statistician

Dr Mike Gardner

Epidemiology, systematic reviewing, meta-analyses and health-related research

Ms Natalie Ives

Phase 3 randomised trials, systematic reviews and meta-analysis in Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU)

Dr Louise Jackson

Economic evaluations in the areas of sexual health and women's reproductive health

Dr James Martin

Medical Statistician, specialist in Cluster Randomised Trials

Mr Lee Middleton

Design and analysis of trials in Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU)

Mr Mark Monahan

Health Economics and Model-based Economic Evaluations

Dr David Moore

Systematic reviewing

Mr Raymond Oppong

Quality of life research and economic analysis alongside multinational, cluster and factorial trials

Dr Christopher Poyner

Qualitative research, specialising in social care

Dr Ruth Pritchett

Mixed methods research and systematic reviews

Prof Tracy Roberts

Model based economic evaluations

Mr Gavin Rudge

Data Scientist, specialist in large scale observational studies

Prof Neil Thomas

Cardiometabolic disease epidemiology, prevention and control

Dr Dean Thompson

Mixed methods research and behavioural science

Karen Biddle