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Dunhill Medical Trust: Seed Funding for the Ageing Immune System

  Friday, 23 Jul 2021 | Funding Deadline

The ageing immune system has been identified by the British Society for Research on Ageing as an underfunded area of great importance as it underpins a number of conditions. The Dunhill medical Trust Research Grants Committee have noted that some applications for funding fell short because they were lacking a vital piece of supporting evidence or data. It was acknowledged that seed funding could provide the opportunity for such evidence-gathering experiments to be conducted. Applications for funding should therefore demonstrate how the planned work acts as a stepping stone to the development of a larger project/funding application (either to Dunhill or to another funder).

The overall theme for this seed funding call is the ageing immune system. Examples of specific areas encompassed in this theme, and in which we are interested, include:


  • How age-related change impacts infection and vaccination
  • Ageing and inflammation (“inflammaging”)
  • Mechanistic causes of age-related changes in the immune response (both innate and adaptive immunity)
  • Immune cell senescence • Strategies to overcome age-related changes in immunity


Deadline for proposals: 23rd July 2021

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