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Mixed Methods - Overview

These pages are for health professionals who want to design and conduct a research project using mixed methods or to undertake a review of mixed methods studies in a health related field. These pages are provided by the Mixed Methods team of the RDS WM which provides help to anyone working in the West Midlands region who has a 'good idea' and wants to turn it into a research proposal for submission to peer-reviewed funding programmes in applied health and social care.

This website of resources for mixed method research provides introductions and further reading on:

  • defining mixed methods research;
  • study design and conducting mixed methods studies; quantitative and qualitative components at various research stages.

These pages include both theory and practical advice for developing, planning and conducting research.

For those interested in undertaking a mixed methods review there are sections on:

Examples of reviews of mixed methods studies from various fields in health care are presented.

Resources include suggested key readings such as books, journal articles; local and national courses & training and expertiseconferences & networks presentations, useful websites including YouTube video clips containing interviews on research methods, events and other resources on mixed methods for health research.

For more detail, further readings are recommended both for theoretical issues and for more practical, field-specific information. Local and national academic courses provided by various universities in research methods in health care are listed.

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