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National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia: Difficult Airway Society Project Grant and Small Grant

  Friday, 25 Sep 2020 | Funding Deadline

The Difficult Airway Society (DAS) is pleased to announce project grants up to a maximum sum of £15,000 and small grants up to a maximum sum of £5,000, to support research in the broad area of airway management.

DAS intends to interpret this aim widely as: any relevant research which aids in the understanding of airway management as it relates to anaesthetic practice. Therefore, the research may include:

 collection or analysis of data  anatomical (including radiological, imaging or cadaveric/histological study)  clinical study of patients using airway-related apparatus  volunteer studies  manikin or bench studies of apparatus  clinical, volunteer or animal laboratory studies of respiratory control  support for national investigations of airway-related problems

Research that examines offset or recovery of respiratory or upper airway characteristics from anaesthesia (e.g., tracheal extubation) as well as their response to induction of anaesthesia (e.g., tracheal intubation) are also welcome.

Deadline for proposals: 25th September 2020

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