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Sarcoma UK: Improving Sarcoma Diagnosis

  Thursday, 14 Jul 2022 | Funding Deadline

The Improving Sarcoma Diagnosis call invites applications focussing on any area of improving sarcoma diagnosis. Applications should aim to make the diagnosis of sarcoma faster, earlier, or more accurate. Research submitted for this funding should be focussed on primary diagnosis; projects mainly exploring relapse and/or recurrence will be considered out of scope. Projects with the potential to have patient impact or clinical implementation within the next five years will be prioritized. A total budget of £250,000 will be available.

Grant types available

  • Small grants, up to £50,000 – pump-priming ideas for innovative, small studies, or add-on funding to a larger project already underway
  • Large grants, up to £150,000 – a substantive research project, which must support a member of staff as a directly-incurred cost.

Deadline for proposals: 14 July 2022
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