Research Design Service: West Midlands

Research Support Request Form

To request free individual advice from our RDS WM advisors on your funding application, please complete the form below (* starred fields are compulsory).

You may find it helpful to look at our online guidance and resources for designing research studies and applying for funding. If you are unsure, please check whether RDS can help. RDS WM can provide free design and methodological review to applied health, public health or social care researchers who are developing or intending to develop, research funding applications to NIHR and other open, national, peer-reviewed funding programmes. 

We will usually not be able to provide individual support if  you contact us less than four weeks before the funding submission deadline date, as our experts are unlikely to be able to offer any meaningful support in this time frame, especially because we may be already facilitating many other applications for that grant round.

Any information revealed during discussions with the Research Design Service will be treated confidentially.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not receive a confirmation message advising that you have successfully submitted your request we suggest that you contact us via phone 0121 414 8533 or email 

Also please note that you should enter an intended submission date that pre-dates the funder’s deadline e.g. 16th November for a 17th November deadline. 

Please note: RDS WM will take appropriate steps to ensure confidentiality of any information sent to us via our website, although we cannot accept any liability for the loss or disclosure of data sent to us in this way.

Alert: Researchers are asked to contact their local R&D office as soon as possible to discuss research sponsorship, as this takes both time and significant organisation to set up.